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Topic: The Sun Music Hall, Floyd

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The Sun Music Hall, Floyd


The Venue

Dogtown Roadhouse (formerly Dogtown Pizza) has taken over the lease of the Sun Music Hall. We have done a complete renovation of the space making it bigger and more functional for both entities, including a removable wall that allows for an intimate or larger venue.


Dogtown has also built a wood-fired oven and open kitchen to create a festivalesque atmosphere while maintaining its dedication to authentic old world style pizza.

The Hall

The Sun Music Hall is a performance venue as well as a space for classes, workshops and private events, located in downtown Floyd, VA in the Appalachian mountains. In operation as a performance hall for over 10 years, many great acts have pass through our small town. Attracting folks from Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Greensboro, NC the Sun Music Hall has a reputation for being a great place to both perform and be entertained.

The Wall

The venue is divided will a removable wall that allows for both large and small events. This makes it both intimate and spacious, allowing a wide variety of performances to happen successfully. In addition to the flexibility, Dogtown Roadhouse is offering wood-fired pizza and local brews drink for a more complete and festive experience.

The Pizza

Dogtown hand crafts every pizza using local and organic ingredients. The dough is prepared using cold fermentation with a wild yeast starter. The sauce is made of organic tomatoes and fresh herbs. The meats and vegetables are sourced from local farms and prepare by hand. Using old world style methods, pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven at temperatures near 1000 degrees.

The Story
Where is Dogtown?

The one in Floyd County, that is. If you head towards Roanoke, and into Copper Hill, the original Dogtown is on the west-side of the highway, just down Copper Hill road, in a deep hollowand on into the woods.

Most folks around here dont like to talk too much about that Dogtown, but as legend has it, it is a place where gypsies and misfits made camp. So far, we have not heard a personal account of the goings-on, but we have heard that it was a rowdy bunch or merry-makers that lived by their own standards.

We would also speculate that prohibition was probably a 4 letter word in this moonshine region.

Why Floyd?

On Friday night one can find a street party in town of old-time music makers, or shop in craft galleries and dine on local cuisine. But what is a little more inconspicuous, is the network of potlucks, intentional communities, organic farms, artists, play groups, and work parties that make up this vibrant community.

We need a place to meet, eat, play, perform, and dance our troubles away too. Or just a place to have a cold one and watch the fire.

A few years back, on a farm called Misty Mountain, a community gathering was taking place Open Oven, a pizza potluck where guests bring toppings and make pizzas in a wood-fired earth oven.

Where Dreams Begin

By the fire, two men stood side-by-side in awe of what happens when tangy dough enters an oven of flames and they had an idea, What if, we built one of these on the back of a pickup, then we could sell this!

Dogtown Pizza traveling wood-fired oven was born and for 2 years they traveled and sold pizzas out of the back of their truck. Farmers markets, wineries, festivals, weddings, parties, and on Friday nights in downtown Floyd.

Now they have have found a place to settle with out settling, and what better place for a gang of gypsies and travelers than a Roadhouse in downtown Floyd, called Dogtown.

Values and Mission
Live Performance

Music, Drama, Comedy, Spoken Word and Dance are performed to a live audience creating a memorable event where celebrations and connections can be made.

Local community members gathering to support like minded performances and entertainment as well as community and private events.

Arts & Education

Dogtown and The Sun recognize the importance of the arts in our society and are deeply devoted to the preservation and continuation of live performance art. By hosting and promoting events and offering a space for classes and workshops, we are actively supporting the arts and education.


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